Corporate parent company, specialized in manufacturing and supply of water and electricity goods (Satkab) was registered in the Companies and Industrial Property Registration Office of Tehran based on paragraphs "a", "c" and "e" of Article 4 of the amendment of the articles of association of regional electricity companies and paragraph "f" of article 4 of the statute of Khuzestan Water and Power Organization in In 1347, according to the certificate 12553,.
According to the meeting minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly on June 10, 1980 and Article 1 of the Articles of Association, the name of the company was amended and changed to "Joint Stock Company for Manufacturing and Supply of Water and Electricity". Pursuant to Article 4 of the Law on the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Cabinet in a meeting dated 08/05/2002, based on the proposal No. 20/20/3647 dated 06/17/2002 of the Ministry of Energy and the approval of the Program and Budget Organization And the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance approved the company's articles of association, the main center of which is Tehran. In addition, the title of specialized mother was added to the name of the company and the articles of association were approved by the Guardian Council in accordance with letter No. 1676/30/81 dated 07/23/2002.
The main center of the company is located in Tehran, Seyed Jamaluddin Asadabadi St., 15th St., No. 63.
The company was dissolved on 12/12/2010 according to the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and on 13/03/2011 the liquidation of the company was registered in the Companies and Non-Commercial Registration Office and from the date of liquidation it was determined according to the statute of the liquidation board. It has been advertised in the official gazette for public information on 3/23/2011. Meanwhile, on 12/28/1392, according to paragraph (1) of the Resolution 192437 / T 50393 of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Energy was obliged to develop competition in the sectors. Production and distribution of the parent company specialized in power distribution with the amendment of the articles of association of the parent company specialized in manufacturing and supply of water and electricity goods (Satkab) and according to the following paragraph (1) of the above decree, measures related to dissolution and purification of the company The date of notification of the said ratification has been suspended.
Clause (1) of the above-mentioned decree and its note was deleted on 06/26/2014 according to the decree of 72326 / T 51023-e of the esteemed cabinet. Following the measures taken to cancel the dissolution of the company, the license 243641 was received on 12/19/2015 and the Extraordinary General Assembly of the company was convened on 03/01/2017 and the decision No. 57119 / T 52837 dated 05/11/2017 was received by the Council of Ministers. Finally, the issue of canceling the liquidation was registered in the General Office of Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions of Tehran on 06/04/2017, and it was announced in the official newspaper on 06/09/2017.