The policy and strategic plan of the specialized parent company of management and supply of water and electricity goods (Satkab)
• The field of transfer and localization of new technologies and domestic manufacturing

Centralized management of supply and import of raw materials, equipment and strategic services required by the industry
Empowering private sector companies and supporting authorized manufacturers of basic industrial equipment
Develop interaction, cooperation and partnership with active private sector organizations and strengthen their effective role in relevant decision-making processes to propose policies and governance strategies related to localization of new technologies and domestic manufacturing.
Develop cooperation with knowledge-based centers and domestic and foreign scientific and research institutions active in the industry, develop the role of real and virtual science and technology parks, and create an idea exchange with the aim of achieving the production of knowledge-based products.
• The field of development of export of goods and technical and engineering services
Supporting the activities of the private sector in the development of exports of industrial equipment and services
Develop interaction and cooperation with trade unions, unions and private sector organizations active in the field of export development, strengthen the effective role of private sector organizations in proposing policies and governance strategies related to export development.
• Information and Communication Technology
Supporting the development of ICT infrastructure by using the capacity and facilities of the country's industrial networks
• Development and competition and diversification of production
Strengthen the competitiveness of products and services by using comparative advantages and creating sustainable competitive advantages.
• Specialized insurance system area
Supporting the establishment and expansion of specialized insurance systems in the industry